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Where there’s a will, does it get in the way?

Good web copy gets right to the guts of what you want to say.

It feels present, real and relevant. Next time you’re writing copy, notice whether you’ve used the word ‘will’. Is it necessary? Can you remove it?

Get in the right time zone

Consider this: ‘will’ denotes the future. ‘We will welcome you to our restaurant.’ ‘We will send your swizzlestick to you within one day of receiving your order.’

Fair enough, you might say, because these things haven’t happened yet.

Yet try the sentences without them. Watch your copy jump right back into the powerful present tense. You are there with the visitor to your website, ‘in the now’, which makes it more real, more possible, more likely to inspire action.

‘We send your swizzlestick…’, ‘We welcome you…’

Feel the difference?

Next time you’re writing copy for a website consider moving out of the future and back into the present. After all, that’s where your visitors will be are.

Here’s some literary inspiration from James Joyce: “Hold to the now, the here, through which all future plunges to the past.” (from Ulysses)

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