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Want to work with a good writer? Read this!

Chatting this morning to a colleague and friend I heard that she recently fired a client.

My friend was pretty upset.

‘My client wanted me to create blogs but she wouldn’t even suggest a topic. I had to come up with the idea, create the focus, write the blog and do it all in a voice that matched her brand – all with absolutely no input!’

Well, that sucks, but sadly it’s a story we hear regularly (I’ve dropped a client or two for the same reasons).

YOU are the expert on your business

As the business owner, you are the subject matter expert.

You understand the ins and outs of your product or service, and what problems they solve for people. You know your market. You know the challenges your customers experience.

We’re a team!

When you’re working with a great content writer, you both bring your expertise to the table.

Your writer will work hard for you if they have a good brief to work to.

Don’t shirk the work

We’re a team, and we’ll do it better together than either of us could do individually.

If you’re doing your bit, your writer will cost you less. It will take them less time to finish the job and they won’t be tempted to slap what we writers call a ‘high maintenance levy’ on the top of their quote.

Something to think about

Are you the best web content writer for your business, or a wonderfully knowledgeable subject matter expert?

If you know your business and need help spreading the word, maybe it’s time to get a writer on the job!

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